Managing & Linking your Closeout, Turnover & Built Data

Data is the new Oil

Getting a project to substantial completion is a challenging process. Final payment is tied to documentation. Gathering and organizing all the necessary information is almost as hard as building the structure itself. No matter how coordinated the team, or how standardized the process, different information always gets delivered to different ways. It's messy, it's inconsistent, it's paper.

Managing closeout and verifying the turnover of projects does not have to be so challenging. StratusLink is designed to address issues that arise from the inconsistent handling of information. By automating the data gathering process and reducing, the possibilities for confusion to occur. Learn More...

Converting Paper to Data

Do you have stacks of banker boxes and 3 ring binders? Or do you have fully managed facilities maintenance system? Connect current data and link your information to the latest UL Solutions information. Advancing your data's value by connecting to the required standards and product information.

Use your existing "As-Built" information and StratusLink will make it smarter, safer and connected. Whether tracking assets by quantity, type or location. StratusLink enables and provides a secure location to keep your As-Builts. StratusLink is your ultimate storage solution for the Built Environment. Learn More...

Realtime Access

Data Management