Solutions for a Connected World


You're likely familiar with the issues and unstructured information at project turnover. In a modern economy driven increasingly by technology and PDFs, you shouldn't have to deal with vast amounts of project information as paper or unorganized electronic files.

StratusLink is the solution you have been waiting for. Your data will be stored in a secure and connected environment. Interoperability with any CMMS or CAFM system will make it easy to present project documents in near real time, shifting focus from finding information to using it.

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Project closeout is a paper-intensive process. Turnover & closeout is a slow and labor intensive process, driven by people who aren't closely involved with the project at hand. Often presenting delays to substantial completion and final payment.

StratusLink, powered by UL is cutting-edge software that uses machine learning techniques to manage and tag your data eliminating human-generated errors and issues, with real-time views of what is left to collect with automated workflows between you and your subcontractors.

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Reviewing closeout and approving data presents unique issues for every project. Being required to validate the information is being accurate and complete is challenging at best. Often presenting delays in validating "Substantial Completion".

StratusLink removes these roadblocks to information access, giving you access to the data needed and tied to trade specific requirements. Data in a convenient, viewable and trackable format. Centralizing your project data that can get you to the finish line with less hassle.

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